1.05.2014 г.

April Haul

Hello, hello! I haven't had a lot of free time lately- I've been busy with school, preparing for my matriculation, spending time with my boyfriend, preparing for prom, etc. 

Anyway, I made quite a big haul for April and I want to share it with you. If you want a single review of a product, leave it as a comment below. :3



E.l.f.'s clutch palette is with thirty six eye shadows, a bronzer, two blushes, one face shimmer, six lip glosses, an eyebrow powder and eyebrow cream. It also comes with three small eyeshadow brushes that I personally don't like and probably will never use.

Final rating: 9/10

E.l.f.'s smudge pots in "Ocean blue" on top and "Poppin party":
Final rating: 10/10

AVON's "super SHOCK" mascara:

Final rating: 7/10

Flormar's "Deluxe Cashmere" Nude N22 lipstick:

Final rating: 8/10

INGLOT's N44 lipstick:
Final rating: 9/10

AVON's lip gloss:
Final rating: 10/10

E.l.f.'s "Tea Rose" Matte Lip Color:
Final rating: 10/10

AVON's Coral lip pencil:
Final rating: 9/10

E.l.f.'s Studio bronzers:
Final rating: 8/10

E.l.f.'s Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream:
Final rating: 10/10

M.A.C.'s Studio Finish concealer:

Final rating: 10/10

Golden Rose "Fantastic" nail lacquer:

Final rating: 6/10



Bioderma's Micellair solution:
Final rating: 10/10

-Hand creme-
Bath and body works "Twisted Peppermint" hand cream:
Final rating: 10/10

-Hand sanitizers-
Bath and body works anti-bacterial hand gels in "Winter Cranberry" and "Crisp Golden Pear":
Final rating: 10/10

-Fragrance mist-

AVON naturals "Sugar plum and Vanilla" mist:

Final rating: 10/10


Anti-puff and Dark Circle eye masks:
 I bought them for the days before my prom because I believe that they will be sleepless. I still haven't tested them out so no rating, sorry :(



Real Techniques stippling brush:

Final rating: 10/10



Some of you already know, some don't. I got accepted into university in Boston, Massachusetts!
My boyfriend got me this shirt to congratulate me! I love it!

Thanks for watching!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section bellow or write in my e-mail:

If you want to see a full review of a product, again, write in my mail or comment section here.

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