8.08.2015 г.


A couple of months ago I was introduced to the French eyewear brand Polette. Polette lies on the idea of being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer: "The frames and lenses are provided straight from the workshops, therefore there is no stock, nor intermediates to high margins." With their motto "Do it Different" and with their young dynamic staff, they offer to the public a "massive selection of frames and lenses provided by their own companies." The idea of the brand is to put an end to the monopole of optics and that is why their eyewear is high quality but at the same time on lower prices.

When I was contacted by Polette they let me chose a pair of glasses to show to you guys! Here are some photos with the pair that I chose and bellow you'll find some of my other favorite finds on their website.
On my Instagram profile you will find the instructions on how to enter the LiyaxPolette giveaway and win your own pair of Polette glasses! 

10.07.2015 г.

Colors (Photoshoot)

A couple of months ago I met a photographer called Melissa. A couple of days ago we had our first photo shoot and it went great. We had the same vision about photos, same likes and dislikes, so we clicked right away and made a pretty good team. Here are some of the photos from the first series that we did, which are the colorful ones. More photos to come!

6.06.2015 г.

How to shop smart!

Whenever I shop, I always try to get high-quality material clothes because they will feel better on the body, look nicer and will last me longer. That is why in today's post I will give you some advice on how to shop for clothes in a smarter way. By that I mean how to distinguish which clothing items are high-quality and are worth spending more money on. 

19.03.2015 г.

Favorite Hair Products/Любими продукти за коса

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that during this Spring break pretty much all I have been doing is studying! But today, while I was putting on my weakly homemade hair mask, I decided to make a "Favorite Hair Products" post for you guys. The products that I will be showing are not all of the products I use but are  the ones that I've found most effective.

PS: They are not placed in a specific order, say from my most to least favorite.
And if you want a review on a specific product, tell me which one as a comment in the comment section bellow.
Ако ме следите в Инстаграм, най-вероятно знаете, че през пролетната си ваканция общо взето само уча! Днес обаче, докато си правих домашна маска на косата, реших да Ви покажа любимите си продукти за коса. Това не са всички продукти, които използвам, а само тези, които намирам за най-ефективни. 
ПП: Не са поставени в специален ред.
Също така, ако искате ревю на конкретен продукт, ми кажете кой, като ми напишете коментар под снимката.  

Ciment Thermique

9.02.2015 г.

GRAMMYS 2015: Best dressed, worst dressed and best makeup

It's been a while since my last post but the Grammys were last night and I just couldn't not share with you my personal favorites for the best dressed and best makeup categories. As well as some of the worst dressed, in my opinion. 
So lets start with best dressed and my number one favorite for the night:
Rita Ora
She looked absolutely stunning in a long silver dress and with her new super short haircut. She looks like a jewel that has come to life.

23.01.2015 г.

LUSH "Mask of Magnaminty" Face Mask (Review)

Today I will talk about "Mask of Magnaminty" by LUSH Cosmetics. I've been using it for the past two months and I think it's high time I finally talk about it. 
I purchased it because a dear friend of mine told me that it takes great care of blackheads and it also gives the skin a gentle scrub. 

11.01.2015 г.

LUSH "Henna and Jasmine" Hair Mask (Review)

The "Henna and Jasmine" hair mask helps improving the hair's condition. The exotic blend of nutritious oils and natural butters help improve the tensile strength. It is very good for the colder and more humid days when your hair is fluffy and untamed and somehow it seems to have a mind of it's own. It is definitely one of my favorite hair masks for now!
You have to cover your dry hair (whole hair plus the roots) with a thick coat of the product and leave it for at least twenty minutes  but I personally stay at least an hour and I think that the more you do, the better. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it so even if you, say, sleep with it, it will not damage your hair at all.
This mask is created for all hair types but it particularly suits dark or red hair. A regular treatment with it will stop frizzy, curly hair from drying out. It is really good for unnatural blondes as well because bleached hair gets dry and with split ends a lot faster than usual.
The mask has a red henna infusion which gives shine to the hair and enhances the natural highlights as well.

Маската "Henna and Jasmine" подобрява състоянието на косата. Екозтичната комбинация от натурални масла спомага за здравината на косъма. Много е хубава за по-студените и влажни дни, когати косата Ви е неконтрулируема. Тази маска определено е една от любимите ми за сега!
Трябва да покриете плътно косата си (цялата коса, плюс корените) с продукта и да го оставите за поне двадесет минути. Аз лично я оставям за поне един час, като смятам, че колкото по-дълго време я оставите - толкова по-добре. В продукта няма тежки химикали, така че дори и да преспите с маската няма да Ви се увреди косата по никакъв начин.
Тази маска е създадена за всеки тип коса, но най-вече за тъмни и червени коси. Постоянно третиране на косата с тази маска ще предотврати изсушаването на косата, ще й придаде блясък и по-добър, гладък вид. Също така е много полезна за неестествени блондинки, тъй като изрусяваната коса изсъхва и започва да цъфти много по-бързо от обикновено.
В маската има червена къна, която придава блясък на косата и подслва натуралните отблясъци.