8.08.2015 г.


A couple of months ago I was introduced to the French eyewear brand Polette. Polette lies on the idea of being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer: "The frames and lenses are provided straight from the workshops, therefore there is no stock, nor intermediates to high margins." With their motto "Do it Different" and with their young dynamic staff, they offer to the public a "massive selection of frames and lenses provided by their own companies." The idea of the brand is to put an end to the monopole of optics and that is why their eyewear is high quality but at the same time on lower prices.

When I was contacted by Polette they let me chose a pair of glasses to show to you guys! Here are some photos with the pair that I chose and bellow you'll find some of my other favorite finds on their website.
On my Instagram profile you will find the instructions on how to enter the LiyaxPolette giveaway and win your own pair of Polette glasses! 

[Photographer: Branko Andreev]
[My Polette sunnies: Pac Mac Trans $22.99]

Other Favorites: 

MYCONOS Pink ($16.99)


ELEKTRA Black ($22.99)

 Make sure you go to my Instagram profile to enter the LiyaxPolette giveaway! 

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